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    Przedsiębiorstwo Handlu Chemikaliami “Chemia” was established in October 1945 in Warsaw. It is one of the oldest Polish companies specializing in trade in chemicals. A recognized brand coupled with broad experience of more than 50 years of business ensures it a strong market position and appreciation of many clients.

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    Our offer is targeted at wholesale and retails firms. Each year we make deliveries to several thousand customers of a different business profile and size, both domestic and foreign operating in Poland. Our customers are large industrial enterprises (among others from the chemical industry), service providers, companies oriented on town infrastructure, institutes, healthcare centres, governmental and administrative offices, regional authorities and other such as the State Mint and State Works of Securities. Core competencies include chemical products, mainly plastics, technical chemicals and chemical agents. Our company is also licensed to trade, store and produce liquid fuels. Apart from that, we offer a wide range of paints, varnishes and solvents and plastic and rubber articles.
    Dedicated to the quality of goods conforming to prevailing standards, we have been cooperating closely for many years with renowned domestic companies representing the chemical industry like: Zakłady Azotowe Tarnów S.A., Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A., Chempur, Ciech Warszawa S.A., Anwil S.A., Nobiles Włocławek, Soda Mątwy S.A., Zakłady Chemiczne Alwernia, POCH S.A. Gliwice, Rokita Brzeg Dolny, Azoty Kędzierzyn, Zakłady Chemiczne Rudniki, Organika – Zachem, Fosfory Gdańsk.
    Our seat office is in the very centre of Warsaw – 18 Foksal Street. The operating activities are conducted in the warehouse centre at Powązkowska Street of a size of 1.7 ha and the warehouse centre in the industrial part of the city at Rzeczna Street.
    The warehouse centre located at Rzeczna Street is the main establishment of the company that handles the trade in raw materials and chemical products. The object is 6.2 ha big and provides specialist, expanded technical facilities adapted to accept, store and release chemicals of different properties, including hazardous materials - toxic, flammable, irritating, etc.
    The facilities consist of heated and non-heated magazines equipped with car and rail platforms, with a built surface of 15.500 m2 and usable area of 23.200 m2, storage grounds of 8000 m2, storage containers with a total capacity of 1106 m3 together with discharge and bulk-breaking systems for liquids, e.g. hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid, nitrous acid, phosphoric acid, ammonia water, soda lye, nitrous hypochlorite, tetrachloride ethylene, liquid fuels.
    The centre has a railway siding and an own fleet of internal and external transport, including but not limited to forklift trucks, railway engines and trucks adapted to convey hazardous materials. The object is fit to handle different means of transport. Reloading of goods is carried out such as railway wagon – truck, truck – railway wagon, railway tank – vehicle cistern of goods that are differently packaged: bulk, in unit packages, palettes, box pallets, big bags and containers.
    One of the assets of the centre is convenient location. The centre is situated near the main route linking Warsaw and the Polish eastern border and is close to a major customs agency.

    In addition, P.H.Ch. Chemia has four retail stores in Warsaw, which sell chosen groups of assortment. The offer of the stores includes – besides basic chemical products – also products of construction and household chemistry.
    The main area of our operations is in Mazowieckie Province, but the company is expanding its business across the whole country. The company cooperates with other firms trading in chemicals of the “Chemia” Group in Poznań, Gdańsk and Łódź. The successive growth and expansion on the market is based on modern, dynamic and efficient sales structures.
    The size and diversity of offer combined with high quality products are the hallmark of our company that distinguish us from competitors. The distinctive trademark recognized for over 50 years also distinguishes products that undergo bulk breaking in the company. Top quality service and its range are enhanced at all times to guarantee customer satisfaction.
    The mission of our sales strategy is to maintain and increase turnover, whilst the main principle we adhere to is to deliver products that meet customer requirements, ensuring top quality services. The company’s strength stems from its staff that have skills, experiences and good knowledge of the market.
    With its potential and experience, the company is pursuing continually new business contacts in the country and abroad, guaranteeing satisfaction to its partners.